Saturday, 1 August 2015

Instagram Diary

I am yet to make my instagram account known to the blogging community, but now that I am making a real effort to post more often I thought this would be the perfect opportunity. So if you want to follow me be prepared for a lot of bunny pictures, my daily life and the few odd selfies - pretty boring but extremely CUTE (mainly the bunnies) stuff. So please don't hesitate to give me a follow at @rhiannalouiseb, and I will see you over there (my twitter username is the same if you want to follow me there too!).

Row 1 - Forest having cuddles | Sighh Designs beach bag tote | MAC Plumful | Me and Angus (my boyfriend) | Feeding the ducks | Costa in the sun 

Row 2 - Being silly with my cousin Jenny | Forest and Pete in love | The baby bunny Minnie | Selfie with new 'Elsa' hair | Minnie | Minnie 

Row 3 - New trainers | Trying to get fit shopping | Post results flowers | Snuggles with snowy | New lipstick selfie | Snowy 

Row 4 - Selfie | Feeding the deers | OOTD | Selfie | Rainbow and horse in the lakes | Heather and her chick Squirt 

Row 5 - Snowy | Revision | Selfie | New healthy tea | Video of snowy | Relax and pamper night 

So, that is the past few months of my instagram, hope you enjoy! 

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