Sunday, 5 April 2015

What's In My Makeup Bag?

Hello everyone, and Happy Easter! 

What a wonderful Easter day it is too being 15 degrees outside, and sunny so England does have it perks. Unfortunately I am revising so unable to enjoy to sun...booo. I do hope some of you are enjoying it though! 

While the contents of my make up bag does change a lot, I have included the products which are very likely to be in could call it my everyday make-up to go with my every-day lipstick post -here. I can always rely on these products to give me a wonderful natural look, or even glam it up a bit. If that's how you would say it? I don't know but here is the contents; 

Rimmel Match Perfection foundation in 091 | £6.99 |. This is a foundation I will reach for time and time again, it has okay coverage and feels nice on my skin. 

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in 01 | £4.19 |. A blogger favourite, I usually just apply this under my eyes and over the odd blemish - luckily I am not too prone to them! 

I don't as of yet use any powder, I always find it makes me look orange, maybes I have been using the wrong colour I don't know so I would love to hear some suggestions! 

Collection Bronze Glow Shimmering bronzer in Light.£2.99 | What I love about this is that you can really apply minimal for a natural look, or you can really build it up - its nicely pigmented making it nice to blend out, 

Bourjois Blush in Rose D'or. | £7.99 |This is lovely! Again, you can minimally apply it or build it up and is wonderful for a nice summer glow. 

Collections Eyes Undiscovered Nude Palette | £3.99 |, For a cheap drugstore eyeshadow palette it does the job brilliantly! The colours all have a nice pigmentations and are easy to blend. 

Bourjois 1 second volume mascara | £9.99 |. This was a recent purchase, but I can safely say I really like it! I will do a review soon-ish on it. 

Collection Brow Kit | £3.99 |I only use the lightest colour so it seems pointless having all three. It comes with a cute eyebrow mascara thing which is great for setting my eyebrows in place. 

Rimmel Gel eyeliner £6.99 | I have only just purchased this and I have by no means mastered applying this yet. But it lasts all day and is great for flicks! 

Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 03 | £5.49 | I wrote a post on this here. I love love love the colour of it - great for a nice plain but elegant look! Since I bought it, the only time it has left my lips is at bedtime.

Have you tried any of these products? 

Rhianna x

*all prices are representative of Boots* 


  1. Great post! I really want to try out that Collection eyeshadow palette, I've heard it's amazing x


    1. I really really like it! A nice cheap alternative which is great! x

  2. The Bourjois mascara is one of my faves, especially once the formula dries out slightly

    Hayley @ Tea Party Beauty

    1. I know! The first time I used it I absolutely hated it cause it made my eyelashes go too long and just wasn't working out, but after a few goes I have fallen in love with the stuff! xx

  3. I'm obsessed with the Bourjois mascara my all time favourite. lovely blog.

    olivia x -

    1. It is lovely! I have finally got the hang of using it, its great cause can keep the mascara casual or you can glam it up! x

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  5. I wish we had more of these products in Canada, I always hear such great things about them!